About me

Hi, I’m Sadhbh (pronounced Sive, as in “thrive”). I help international sustainability teams and communities create healthier work environemnts. I do this through process facilitation, workshops, consulting, training and seminars.

Just as my name, my background is an unusual combination: Working with me you have access to practical knowledge in intercultural communication, social-theatre methods, team-building, gender awareness, emotional work, and a thorough scientific background of Sustainability Science combined with a holistic, intuitive approach.  


I used to work in academia (when I was not touring around Germany with our theatre group to reach people’s hearts at sustainability conferences). Then I got frustrated seeing how precious funding, brilliant minds and hearts go to waste in competitive, dysfunctional environments. So I decided to do something about it. That is, to help you with your project.  

I now share with my clients everything I have learned about how to create a vision that their team actually identifies with, why assigning ownership and addressing needs is more important than you think, conscious communication, diversity programmes that don’t make you feel like sh*t or bore you to death, good leadership, awful leadership, what to do about it, and the incredible things that can happen when as an adult you get a chance to play like a child again and reconnect with your heart’s desire.

I am Spanish with Irish roots, currently based in Germany, and available for international travel. I also offer online workshops and trainings, which are (almost) as engaging as the live version; you will get a personalised, interactive, useful experience without having to leave the house. 

I speak English, Spanish, Catalan, French and German. I am most comfortable working in English and Spanish, but we can make it work otherwise.